Dipro EC is a systemic fungicide that contains Difenoconazole and Propiconazole. It is a preventive and curative fungicide effective in controlling Sheath Blight in transplanted  and direct seeded rice. Dipro EC has a greening effect formula that makes leaves greener for better photosynthesis.

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Square Off 480 SL – A post – emergent herbicide for general weed control in agricultural and non-crop application. A contact weed killer for the control of perennial grasses, annual weeds, broadleaf weeds and sedges.

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Machete Plus is a pre-emergent and systemic herbicide with right or ‘Sakto’ formulation that can eliminated weeds in just one spray at 2-4 DAS in direct seeded rice. Because of its added ‘Safener’, Machete Plus is tough on weeds but safe on young rice seedlings at a competitive price.

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Product Launches

A product launch is a time for us to bond with our communities. It is the venue where we can show you how our latest technology can be applied to your specific situation. It is the opportunity where we can answer your questions and find out more about the other ways to help you. Product launches are also a happy time where our farmers and partners can get to know each other and support each other.

Sinochem Unlocked! 

Sinochem's 2019 Distributor's Meeting was held on March 5 - 7, 2019 at Twin Lakes Tagaytay. It was a 3-day fun-filled event full of surprises for our distributors nationwide.

Distributors from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao unlocked the mysteries together through our speakers and performers. 

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Guard your fields against the fungal disease known as SHEATH BLIGHT. It is one of the reasons why crop yield is low during the rainy season. The first symptom is the development of greenish grey lesions, about 1-3 cm long, on the leaf sheath. Do not wait for it to spread to the other parts of the plant. If not managed properly, it can lead to 20 to 40% yield loss. Once you see this in your crop, contact us.